Pre-Construction Services

Getting It Right, From The Start

Early on during the planning phase of projects, our pre-construction services enable owners and their design teams to establish reliable budgets and realistic schedules. We review historical data compiled from similar projects to determine the best methods and materials available to complete the project on time and within budget. This forward-thinking approach enables us to sequentially map out the logistics of an entire project well in advance of construction.

DiMarco Constructors’ ability to provide the services that are critical to quality in the pre-construction process is often the key to the ultimate success of the project. By carefully selecting and managing a team of construction professionals, the critical services provided by DiMarco typically include design coordination between the owner, architect, engineering specialties, conceptual estimating, scheduling, as well as value engineering and numerous other aspects of the process.

DiMarco Constructors’ partnership approach to pre-construction services helps assure quality at every phase of a project. We work closely both with the owner and other stakeholders to anticipate the requirements that may develop at every phase. And because we are integrated with other companies in DiMarco Group, we are available to deploy a broad spectrum of knowledge, experience and resources. All this helps to assure that we perform in a way that meets demands and exceeds expectations.

The critical services provided by DiMarco Constructors typically include:

  • Team communications
  • Construction document review
  • Design Coordination between the owner, architect, and engineering specialties
  • Conceptual estimating
  • Project scheduling
  • Value engineering
  • Pre-qualification of sub-contractors and sub-contractor bidding
  • Project fast-tracking
  • Permitting
  • Logistics planning
  • Project Labor Agreement (PLA)
  • BIM services
  • Safety planning